Hi, I’m Shannon.

I truly, authentically understand the need to be an overcomer in life. Life has thrown some interesting twists and turns along my path.  I strongly believe in the power of living to our fullest potential, having the ability to pull our big girl  (or big boy) panties up and keep moving forward. Doing so in a positive direction is so critical.

In a nutshell, I have had to become almost an entirely different person since my teen and twenty years.

It includes dropping out of high school to eventually earn my Master’s Degree at the age of 34.

It includes overcoming debilitating panic attacks to go on to become a licensed therapist who mentors younger therapists.

It includes losing over 125 lbs.

And most important to how my own life story has developed, it includes at the age of 11 losing my rock in life and beloved dad to a violent crime committed in our family home.

It also includes having had a childhood and adolescent front row seat to the daily struggle of addiction and mental illness that my mom dealt with until her passing many years ago.

When I say that I understand the need to overcome life challenges, I really mean it. No matter where we might find ourselves in life, we can make slow steady changes that will add up and get us pointed in a whole new and healthier direction.