Shannon Thomas has fast become a trusted and respected voice on overcoming life’s biggest hardships and healing from psychological abuse. As an international bestselling author, speaker, licensed trauma therapist, and co-founder of Keep Dreaming Big Project, Shannon enjoys meeting with support groups, therapy professionals, and other organizations.

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Healing from Hidden Abuse ®

How Did the Term ‘Narcissistic Abuse’ Become a Trend?

A community-based training and keynote to address the recent influx of information – and misinformation – surrounding hidden abuse in all its forms, the role of social media in this trend, and action steps to filter through the noise to find evidence-based solutions.

Healing from Hidden Abuse ®

Providing Ethical Faith-Based Counseling

Training or keynote for licensed mental health professionals, church & ministry leaders, faith-based life coaches, and others who serve those impacted by hidden abuse. Training topics include meeting the needs of survivors harmed by spiritual abuse and emotional, psychological, and financial abuse.




When a Christian Meets a Sociopath™

Six Stages of Healing from Spiritual Abuse

The six stages of healing include Despair, Education, Awakening, Boundaries, Restoration and Maintenance. This training covers the specific application of the stages to spiritual abuse.