Shannon Thomas has fast become a foremost authority on overcoming life’s biggest hardships and healing from psychological abuse. As an international bestselling author, speaker, licensed trauma therapist, and co-founder of Keep Dreaming Big Project, Shannon enjoys meeting with support groups, therapy professionals, and other organizations.

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Healing from Hidden Abuse ™

Psychological Abuse: Hidden in Society

A community-based training geared towards health care professionals, domestic violence advocates, law enforcement officers, family court officials, and the general public.

Dangerous Dating

A training designed for college campus staff, law enforcement officers, and student leaders.



When a Christian Meets a Sociopath™

Six Stages of Healing from Spiritual Abuse

The six stages of healing are Despair, Education, Awakening, Boundaries, Restoration and Maintenance. This training covers the specific application of the stages to spiritual abuse.




Recognizing Psychological Abuse in a Faith-Based Setting

This training helps ministry leaders and staff recognize abuse and create a safe church environment.