Exposing Financial Abuse - Shannon Thomas, LCSW

Exposing Financial Abuse

When Money is a Weapon

Within the pages of Exposing Financial Abuse: When Money is a Weapon, you will be given the opportunity to pull the curtain back and see into the lives of those who have been financially harmed by someone close to them. Being able to take a closer look at this hidden world is a unique gift that cannot be taken lightly or without honor for those who have chosen to allow us to peek into the most personal aspects of their lives.

Test yourself. How would you describe financial abuse? It is quietly happening all around us. It is hidden within our neighborhoods and communities. You probably know someone who lives within a financially abusive household and you don’t even know it.

What is Financial Abuse?

  • Has your spouse or parent taken out lines of credit in your name without your consent?
  • Does your ex-spouse suddenly stop paying child support as a means of furthering their abuse and control over your life?
  • Has your partner moved money from your joint account to a secret individual account without your prior knowledge or consent?
  • Do your parents use financial gifts as an open door to demand future compliance on your part?
  • Are you blamed for creating financial stress, but you are not the one who overspends?
  • Did your ex-spouse hide his or her income from being included in the calculations for child and/or spousal support?
  • Have your religious leaders said that you must give to the church first, even if that means you cannot provide for your household’s basic needs?
  • Do you carry the full burden of making enough money for your household because your partner refuses to maintain steady employment?